Thursday, June 30, 2011

A personal note.

Stuff i want to accomplish in 3 years; In order of priority.

# Become strong enough to take part in any amateur adventure sport including rock climbing.
# Learn hip-hop
# Learn to play the piano
# Learn some pole-dancing moves. (my motives is in no way financial gain)
# Go to Mexico
# Watch a Formula 1 race
# Learn to bake beautifully


Karthik Manamcheri said...

and then you can go climbing with me :D

Ken said...

Would like that more than anything, hon :)

Yash Gupta said...

When you say learn hip-hop do you mean the singing or dancing?

Ken said...

Dance .. I love dance .. Sorry about the ambiguity

adhokshaj said...

well..... u can strike off the last one now!!!!

Ken said...

@adhok: Well .. I can say i'm making progress .. From far from perfection :)