Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eddie #007 - Issues with Memory

(Xo had lost his wallet for the Nth time and with it his credit cards. Xo was angry.)

Xo: I'm sick of this! How can you be so irresponsible and absent-minded? You went to the supermarket and just walked out without it? Hows that possible!
Xo: Give it a rest, will you? People lose stuff
Xo: Not people, you!
Xo: Listen .. There wasn't much cash .. and i ll get new cards in a week .. Credit cards are made keeping in mind that people will lose them ..
Xo: You don't see me losing stuff .. EVER .. The last thing i lost was my watch when i was eleven
Xo: Sucky Liar! The last thing you lost was your virginity!

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