Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Eddie #08 - Masculinity

Xo: Who were you talking to over the phone, honey?
Xo: Oh, it was my old friend, AbCd. He's in town and wanted to know if i was free for lunch.
Xo: Who?
Xo: Don't you remember, baby? The swimmer friend of mine .. He asked me out years ago .. He was in the nation's top 20 .. OMG what a body he had!
Xo: Hmmm .. Ok
Xo: Are you jealous? :_)
Xo: Nah .. I can down six bottles of beer in under 2 hours. Can your swimmer do that?
Xo: He hates beer.
Xo (all smug): So when are you meeting your gay swimmer friend?

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