Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Other Edge of the Knife

Don't you agree that there are some songs which you feel very strongly about? Listening to them can only evoke a certain type of emotion and imagination irrespective of how many times you listen to it. Doesn't matter how drunk or sober you are.

I've seen that such songs can push you over the edge. Any mood that has brought to the surface some strong emotion, there is always a song which will amplify that emotion to such an extent as to throw you off balance. I like to call these songs 'monumental'.

I've listed the ones that come to my mind right now and what i associate them with. (in no particular order)

# Since I've been loving you - Led Zep (Love and Hate at the same time)
# With or without you - U2 (Serenity in the most real sense of the word)
# Lonely day - System of a Down (Liberation, Latitude)
# Sleep to dream - Fiona Apple (Strength and perseverance)
# The nomad - Iron Maiden (I always feel the song is about me. Don't know why)
# Study War - Moby (I've never been to New Orleans but makes me think of it)
# Dream - Priscilla Ahn (Nostalgia. Very tragic.)
Go ahead and list some songs that work on you.

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Prasoon Joshi said...

Kissing a fool - George Michael (reminds me of my ex)
Bridge over troubled water - Simon & Garfunkle (goosebumps, as if I'm on stage performing)
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen (glorified pain)