Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happiness, please.

It just hit me that I've been reading books that mimic reality. So they're not much of an escapade. I want to read a happy book. Not Ha-Ha or Mu-Ha-Ha happy but one with a happy ending. If you know any such books barring the oh-so-vanilla romance genre, kindly type their titles out in the comments.

I was thinking a while ago. All these men i know by name and not personally and who i think are terribly attractive---What if they're gay? One such person's post happened to turn up on my facebook home page. His profile picture was that of a youthful (and attractive) white man. I'm hoping it is a sportsman and not his boyfriend! Let me live in my blissful illusion.

Tests got over today. Did two wonderfully and the other two inexplicably bad. I chanced upon Bruno Mars' Just the way you are today. I'd love for someone to sing it for me. Reminds me of Eric Clapton's You look wonderful tonight.

Shrug. Whatever.


Prasoon Joshi said...

How can Clapton's you look wonderful tonight and Bruno Mars fit into the same blog post ever!!! As offended as I may be (you could've said Michael Buble's rendition of the song and we could've sat down for a coffee - or apple?) I think Bruno Mars is a very talented singer. I've been trying to sing his Grenade for quite sometime now (my music teacher told me to do that song) but even after a miserable breakup I fail to put the right emotions into it.
I glanced at my bookshelf for some suggestions, the only book that comes close to having a happy ending is the Python Cookbook :|

PS: I'm trolling your blog.

Ken said...

The lyrics stood out and i blame my subconscious for associating the song with clapton's.

I don't listen to pop at all. The infused excitement/ joy is too much for me to take.